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2015 Rooftop Rodeo Royalty

Noelle Schleiger 2015 Rooftop Rodeo Queen

Noelle Schleiger 2015 Rooftop Rodeo Queen 

Noelle Schleiger – 2015 Rooftop Rodeo Queen
I am Noelle Schleiger the daughter of Wayne and Debby Schleiger. I am very proud and honored to represent the Rooftop Rodeo and Town of Estes Park as their 2015 Queen. I am a senior at Berthoud High School and Attend Front Range Community College enrolled in the Veterinarian Technology and Research Program. I fell in love with horses when I saw my first rodeo and went on a trail ride in Estes Park. I wanted to learn to ride horses which lead me into taking riding lesson. I began taking lessons when I was 7 at Sun Pony Ranch. I continue to take lessons as I believe learning is lifelong. Romeo, a beautiful Appaloosa, was the first horse I leased. I knew that I had found my passion and horses would be my life.  I am a riding instructor at Sun Pony Ranch and teach the summer horses camp along with caring for the 13 plus horse herd. I have two horses of my own, a Quarter horse, western barrel boy (Avalon), the other an Anglo Arabian (Blitz) I trained in English jumping, and dressage. I am very passionate about horse rescue and the education of proper horse care and treatment; my goal is to run a horse rescue facility and provide the opportunity for children to learn about horses, riding and training. When I’m not with horses, I enjoy spending time with my family, fishing, reading, traveling, and cooking. I am excited for this year. I look forward to all the fun, experiences and wonderful people I will meet representing the Rooftop Rodeo, the Rodeo with Altitude.

2015 Court

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If you would like to be part of the 2015 Court contact the Rooftop Rodeo Royalty Coordinator at vp.events@rooftoprodeo.com