It was another successful year of the Rooftop! We hope to see you July 7-12, 2015 so put us on your calendar!
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Event Results

You can find each evening's PRCA Rooftop Rodeo event winners and scores/times here immediately following each evening's performance.  For the official, final results visit the PRCA website.



Rooftop Rodeo Performances

Rooftop Rodeo Performances Result

Free-form Results

Tuesday, July 8  (65 contestants)

 Bareback Riding:  Jerad Schlegel, CO,  83 pts
Steer Wrestling:  Tait Kvistad, WY, 4.1 sec
Team Roping:  Tom Richards, AZ & Monty Joe Petska, CA, 5.4 sec
Saddle Bronc Riding:  Sam Spreadborough, TX, 86 pts
Tie-Down Roping:  Jake Pratt, WA, 9.2 sec
Barrel Racing:  Rachel Dice, CA, 17.70 sec
Bull Riding:  No rides
Mutton Bustin:  Jeremy Dayton, CA

Wednesday, July 9 (54 contestants)

 Bareback Riding:  Levi Nicholson, CO,  69 pts
Steer Wrestling:  Shane Frey, OK, 4.4 sec
Team Roping:  Spencer Mitchell, CA & Russell Cardoza, OR, 5.5 sec
Saddle Bronc Riding:  Sterling Crawley, TX, 83 pts
Tie-Down Roping:  Justin Maass, TX, 11.1 sec
Barrel Racing:  Kelly Martin, CO, 17.90 sec
Bull Riding:  Jarrod Craig, TX, 83 pts
Mutton Bustin:  Beth Morrow, KS

Thursday, July 10:

 Bareback Riding:   Tie: Devan Reilly, WY & Chad Rutherford, TX,  74 pts
Steer Wrestling:   Jack Vanderlans, CA, 6.0 sec
Team Roping:   Ryan Reed, CA & Joseph Shawnego, CA,  6.5 sec
Saddle Bronc Riding:   Chet Smith, SD, 71 pts
Tie-Down Roping:   Ryan Watkins, TX, 8.5 sec
Barrel Racing:   Britta O'Keeffe, ND, 17.83 sec
Bull Riding:  No rides
Mutton Bustin:  Luke Lundy

Friday, July 11:

 Bareback Riding:   Justin Pollmiller, OK, 77 pts
Steer Wrestling:   Troy Brandemuehl, WY, 4.5 sec
Team Roping:   Jake Day, WY & TW Wilson, CO, 5.2 sec
Saddle Bronc Riding:  Allen Boore, UT, 79 pts 
Tie-Down Roping:   Scott Kormos, TX, 9.8 sec
Barrel Racing: Carrie Sutton, WY, 18.17 sec
Bull Riding:  No rides
Mutton Bustin:  Hailey Heath, CO

Saturday, July 12:

 Bareback Riding:  No rides
Steer Wrestling:   Blair Jones, 4.5 sec
Team Roping:  Spencer Mitchell & Russell Cardoza, 9.5 sec
Saddle Bronc Riding:  No rides
Tie-Down Roping:   Brandon Kammersell, 16.2 sec
Barrel Racing:   McKinley Goodyer, 18.05
Bull Riding:  No rides
Mutton Bustin:   Cole Ingram, CO

Sunday, July 13:

 Bareback Riding:   Scotty NeSmith, TN, 73 pts
Steer Wrestling:  
Team Roping:   Cole Dorenkamp, CO & Jesse Jolly Agate, CO, 5.0 sec
Saddle Bronc Riding:   Spencer Wright, UT, 76 pts
Tie-Down Roping:   Kade Kinghorn, WY, 13.4 sec
Barrel Racing:   Michelle Lummus, GA, 17.40 sec
Bull Riding:   No rides
Mutton Bustin:  Riley Anderson, CO